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My wife is pregnant 2 weeks ago what type of pill can we use to stop the pragnancy?

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DzooBaby 16 Mar 2012

You need to consult a Dr who specializes in this kind of thing. There is a pill that will help bring on abortion but it has to be prescribed by a Dr who is trained to use it and it doesnt always work-sometimes you still have to have surgical abortion. It is important to do this kind of thing under a Drs supervision because even in this day and age abortion is not without risk. Women still die from abortions, mainly due to blood loss so the Dr needs to be available to stop hemorrhage if it occurs and it frequently occurs. Please be sure that you both have thought this decision through carefully. I got pregnant unexpectedly with both of my children and both times I though it was the worst possible time to be pregnant, in fact, I'm ashamed to say that I prayed that I would lose the second one, and he is now the light of my life and I cant imagine life without him. He is a beautiful, intelligent, promising young man. Both times these children turned out to be blessings. If I would have aborted them, this world would not be as bright without them. It is not just a "pregnancy", it is a person! Unless your wife is very sick and it is dangerous for her to continue pregnancy or the child is not developing right, you should consider keeping this baby. Sometimes God, or whatever higher power, knows better than we when it is time for a child. Most people are never financially ready but you manage when you have to. Please consider carefully. If you do take these pills there is no going back even if they dont work, you must then go through surgical abortion because the drugs are so damaging to the developing fetus. I truly hope that you reconsider, abortion is something you cant take back once it is done. Abortion, for most people, is not without heartache and is a decision that can haunt you all your life. That same little life cant be replaced!

Inactive 16 Mar 2012

nicely said.

bumblebee90 16 Mar 2012

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