His 2yr pill addiction has included cheating, lying, rehab sev times, then jail for dom violence, then 2yrs prob. After his recent OD I told him that was it i was leaving him, so he checked in for detox/rehab. This times diff, he seems better. But now that he's home he seems more concerned about his new addict "friends" than his wife & 3 sons! The day he got out he txt them sayin "im out", then the next day he lied to me & said his "friend" was sick & needed a ride to a 5pm dr appt (lives over an hour away!) He left at 4pm & didnt come home until 10! I txt him at 630 asking when he wld be home with no response, so i called several times for the next hour with no answer. He finally texts me at 750 saying his phone was off cuz he was at an NA meeting. By then i was out of my mind with anxiety & anger. When i confronted him once he was home he admitted there wasn't a Dr appt & they just "hung out" then went to a meeting at 7 (but remember he didn't answer texts or calls ag 630... hmmmm). His "reason" for all this was that these people were his family for 28 days & that he needs to be able to get "away" sometimes. He'd been home only 1 day! Why the need to get away? I just cant deal with anymore lies & deceit. My heart is broken. I have stood by this man during some very tough times. He has never apologized to me nor has he ever thanked me. I'm constantly concerned about saying or doing something that will make him want to use. So i feel i guess like I'm doing the work to repair this relationship & that with his sons, when HE should be. I love him so much, but am feeling like i need to let him go?

HELP me understand all this