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My wife have a blood clots in lever but doctor give her provera is it fine?

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meyati 28 Jun 2012

"Thromboembolic disorders including thrombophlebitis and pulmonary embolism have been reported". This is from in a search for side effects of provera. Thrombo must means blood clots. Personally, I took provera for about 8 years and did just fine, but I didn't have the problems that your wife has. I'd ask a pharmacist about it.-try to get a second opinion-Many of us live in areas with very few doctors or don't have insurance. I'm also finding a decline in the knowledge of pharmacists-so I think that you are in a hard place. One of the sponsors of this site is You might want to type that in the address bar or search- they have a ton of doctors-specialists, nurses, etc-and for about $15-20 you can pick a doctor and get an answer. I found them on this site and I've asked legal, Honda, Ford, and dog questions-as they have so many types of specialists. They have a picture- the back ground and a satisfaction rating. If you feel they aren't answering your question, you can tell what doesn't make sense. Call a couple of pharmacies tomorrow and ask-would you take provera if you had blood clots in your liver? It's a yes or no question, and it should help you in talking to your doctor more about this.
good luck and get back to me about this. You have my prayers.

endlessPred 28 Jun 2012

What did the doctor say about this? Is this a new doc who has all her records. Call them right away. Something is missing here. free discount card

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