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My wife is having bad side effects from Orencia,leg pain and cramping is the worst. What can she do?

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tonyplake 22 Jul 2014

Hi, Brian,
Cramping is not listed as a side effect of Orencia although leg pain is a "less common" side effect and "body pain" a common side effect. Baffling - I know.

A question for you:
1) How long has she been injecting Orencia? If over several weeks the side effects should have gone away; if not call your doctor and your pharmacist - it could be reacting to other drugs your wife is taking or it could be a bona fide side effect of the Orencia.

Usually cramping is treated at home with eating a banana a day for its potassium or baked potatoes. I have had good luck in drinking a small amount of tonic water WITH quinine. My yoga classmates swear by this, and it worked for me - instantly.

The leg cramping and leg pain could go hand in hand, but either way, I'd check interactions checker here on AND call the doctor and pharmacist.

I hope this helps,
All the best,
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