I'm kind of scared right now. I've got really stiff muscles and lots of twitching... I took my last dose of Seroquel 4 days ago and since then the muscle stiffness has been getting worse, and this morning my back started twitching from the bottom of my ribcage all the way down (only the right side) it just stopped and its 12:16 at night.

My pharm and dr both said this isn't typical of Seroquel withdrawal.The stiffness/ rigidity is the worst part, the muscles in my back are so contracted and hard to move.

The only thing I can come up with is Tardive Dystonia since it's symptoms can be masked and it doesn't show up until you're off the drug. This is freaking me out because often it can be permanent. Someone please tell me they had this from Seroquel withdrawal and got better and that it's not TD. I don't know what to do.