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Which is better for insomia, Xanax or lorazepam ?

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janiebme 9 Jun 2017

HI Leen-
Neither are really that good for insomnia. They are benzodiazepines that can create tolerance and dependence over time. If you having them prescribed by a doctor for a short term, Lorazepam is longer acting than Xanax. Best to talk to your doctor about alternatives for insomnia.

ChelleKay 9 Jun 2017

I agree with Janie, neither of these meds are ideal for insomnia, they are better suited for anxiety. Another SLEEP AID would be better for insomnia. ChelleKay

bestpup 10 Jun 2017

To Leen90
From bestpup
Before I tried heavy-duty benzodiazepines for insomnia I would try something more subtle like melatonin.
If that didn't work I would try either Tylenol PM or Aleve PM.
All three of these sleeping meds are OTC medications and have fewer side effects.
Sweet dreams

Inactive 11 Jun 2017

Hi Leen: I agree with bestpup. As for me, hydroxyzine tablets, 10mgs,(Atarax), work to get me a good night's sleep. I don't take it on a regular basis, only as needed on nights I anticipate that it is going to be a sleepless night. The other ingredient in Tylenol PM or Alive PM, besides a pain reliever, is a substance which is the equivalent of diphenhydramine, or better known as benadryl. Hope you get some Zzzzzs! free discount card

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