I've hurt myself on my job in 1995 and in 2006. I have had two surguries related to these accidents. My first surgery was in 2007 which was my neck surgery. I have been on medications since 1995. But I have been on Oxycontin since my surguries. I had my back surgery in 2009 and also been on oxycontin 80 mg since then. Now they changed the Oxycotin 80 mg to 80 OP. I have tried this medication and it has given me stomach problems, more constipation and flu like symptoms, I get flu shots every year but never felt that bad as I do now. My back feels like I never had surgery, I can't even get out of my bed some days. My Oxycotin 80 OC always got me moving around better. I am fully disabled. Now I can't even move around as much I just feel miserable. Now my doctor is putting me back through MRI's and other test results all because they changed the brand of medication that was helping me make it through another day. I believe there will be lawsuits filed and more people dieing due to changing medications because of drug additions habits. Making disabled people more unhappy and staying in more pain. Please help this situation. The medication is even higher than the OC. Right now I am in the Gap Whole,m which makes me pay full price for my medication. So I'm paying for something that is not helping me make it through the day, Please take this medication back off the market., It was a wrong mistake. The pharmacy didn't tell me that this was a subsitute to OC 80, They just let you pay for it and you find out when you get home and can't return it., SO you stuck with something that cannot work. Well I hope others will write. This is a bad and sad situation., God Bless the ones that are gone and the ones that are still in so much pain and getting more sickness from something thats been here forever. Take care one and all.

Friend who cares and need help.