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Why would someone crush and ingest vicadin?

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zephandi 9 Mar 2010

to get high,there is no other reason for it.

fenix7 9 Mar 2010

What's stupid is the only medication this is effective with is Percocet (Oxycodone/APAP) 5-325mg and that strength only ...

Aside from why; the reasoning behind it is that the pill doesn't need to break down in your body and release. Since it's crushed, it hits your bloodstream faster. Due to the chemical makeup of a lot of medications though, this isn't always the case and often negates a lot of the effects you'd hope for.

itsmetoo2 9 Mar 2010

The effect will be more powerful but for a shorter duration

subzero58 9 Mar 2010

for the very same reason people crush any kind of pill from asprin to zantec. they are looking for the medication to effect as soon as possible. weather there looking to get high or trying to hurry the chemical effect. you have heard of chewing an aspirin when someone's having a heart attack. free discount card

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