i went to my pm yesterday and she took me down to 90pills and changed the mg from 15 mg's to 5 mg's i was on oxy's and she changed me to perc's

i am on the fentanyl patch 75mcg and i do have fentanyl citrate for really bad break through pain!and now my pm won't give soma's no more !which what she gave me seems to be better ! it's just all these changes are a little much for me !

and they 5mg's of perc's aren't touching my pain ! should i call my pm and tell her this !?

i couldn't get in to see her and i had a doctors visit with the sergeon who is going to do my hernia surgery and they allowed him to give me something to do me until i got to see them and he gave me 5mg's of tylox which i took two of when i needed them but i didn't tell carlee this !and now it's every 8 hours instead of 6!!!

i know i'm on strong meds but i need them to control my pain !4 back surgeries and about 25 surgeries on my stomach ,have left me in chronic pain and to boot i have fibromyalgia !

sorry so long any advise is welcome !