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Why would it take a week to get results of urine drug test?

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Marvell 30 Sep 2009

Depends on what they were testing. But that does appear to be a long time. Check with your doctor again.

Inactive 30 Sep 2009

They may have mailed it off to another company like ameritox.

Inactive 30 Sep 2009

yes they did they are doing a full panel. I took some tylenol with codeine about two weeks ago,( total of about eight as rx'd) not taken any since. had a rx for them they made me sick, can't take them. I want to know if it will show in a urine drug test still.

Inactive 30 Sep 2009

That should be out of your system and if you have an rx, you are fine to take that.

Inactive 30 Sep 2009

Thanks, just don't want anything to show in my test. free discount card

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