This seems to have been my biggest question.

I think, maybe, I am taking on too much at one time.

I am:
1) weaning off cigarettes
2) weaning off my valium
3) using suboxone instead of my drug(s) of choice

Most of you here at the suboxone support group know about me.
I have been stable on 18mg.
I went to my doctor as happy as a duck in water I felt my cravings, for the most part had subsided and I didn't relapse this past week.
SO, why, now, do I feel an uncontrollable urge/desire to use. Call it a craving or not.

One of the effects of being on this dose 18mg. was not only did my cravings all but subside, I also had moments of greater energy than usual. Not the 'high' from using opiates-now where near as intense.
Also, I look forward to taking my subs each day. I LOOK FORWARD TO IT!!!
Is that nuts?
Could I be in trouble?
What can I do to keep myself safe.
I have no way of getting anything-just to let that be known.

I almost feel like I am going backward into my obsessive state I felt I was in a couple of weeks back.

HAS anyone else experienced or is experiencing this?

What, if anything is wrong with me. I feel I 'should' be more evolved in the suboxone treatment process by now.
Maybe this is just a fleeting feeling. Perhaps I've hit the panic button a bit too soon.
Just needing some moral/experiential support right about now.

Think I'll look around to see if I can be of any moral support to anyone else here on this forum site, here.

thanks for ...