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Why would I come up positive for THC on an instant urine test? I havent used marijuana for years?

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Thor283 4 Jan 2012

Hey Mike,

I'm sorry, but I don't know the answer. I was just telling a woman here that we keep getting questions about false positive UA tests. It seems we get at least 2 or 3 a week. This leads to the inescapable conclusion that these U&A tests are not very accurate, and since doc's and employers put so much importance in these tests, I say this is a major problem.

Would you be so kind as to come back and explain why this happened to you, when you find out? If it really is poor quality of the tests, we have to publicize this until the FDA does something about it. And maybe that's something you can do already. I think the FDA has a web site where you can report problems with things they're supposed to monitor. There are just too many false positives every week.

Inactive 4 Jan 2012

I totally agree... Mary

Inactive 4 Jan 2012

Here is a web site to do this too. Good luck! Mary

accidentw8n2hapn 14 Dec 2012

Right before a pre-employment physical that included a drug test I had a pretty bad headache and I took a few Aleve, which is something I normally don't take, there just wasn't any Tylenol in the house. So did the physical. Started the job which I loved. Was very well paying with excellent benefits. Two weeks after I started I got called into the HR office and was told I was being terminated for failing the pre employment drug test. I was in horrible disbelief when I was told I was being fired for a positive THC result. As God is and was my witness, I did not smoke pot. I wasn't even near anybody who did. I found out after hours of research that Aleve can show a false positive for THC. I was going to pay out of pocket to have it redone but a week later I was in my first car accident, fracturing 2 vertebrae in my neck. So even if I would have retested, the length of recovery was well over a year and the company could not hold the positi on for that long. Oh the luck I have... free discount card

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