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Why would getting medicine injected intramuscularly be a downside compared to getting it through iv?

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Marvell 24 Sep 2009

Having medicines intramuscularly might be a wee bit more painful than having it intravenously. If you have to have multiple doses in a day, or once everyday then it will be a bit uncomfortable.

larissa20 24 Sep 2009

thank you very much, do you have crohns disease by any chance thats what sort of medicine it is that i was askin about?

Marvell 24 Sep 2009

I don't have Crohn's disease ... but all the best. If the intramuscular injections are once a month or once every three months then is is okay

songki 28 Aug 2010

IM injections might be a bit more painful than IV, but Cimzia is administered subcutaneously in any event. The skin is pinched up and the needle inserted at a 45 degree angle into the fatty tissue, never actually entering the muscle. This is even less painful. In fact, you won't really feel the needle, but might feel a slight stinging from the medication. free discount card

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