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Why would a teenager want to take a high blood pressure pill?

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Jandelles 15 Sep 2009

Difficult to say without knowing further details. Perhaps the person has high blood pressure.

itsmetoo2 15 Sep 2009

Teenagers are into taking any pills even if they do not know what they are taking. It is almost like clearing the cabinet. Just to see how they react. It is their open choices. If this was my child I would seek out help for him/her. This is not normal. If you have medicines in your closets lock them up till you find out what is going on. Talk to your child. I wish you the best.

veronica#1 15 Sep 2009

Very strange and need intervention right away.

Crazy4rella 30 Oct 2009

If the teen has high blood pressure that would be a sure thing for them taking the pills. It is rare for a teen to need them but I was a teen who has high blood pressure and was required to take them. Now if the teen is taking them to get high is a totally different thing all together. The only thing the pills will do is drop their pressure to where it can be dangerously low and to the point it completely knocks them out.

hertsandbucks 10 Dec 2009

Not sure why a teenager would be wanting to take pills for blood pressure unless prescribed, both my son and dad had and have blood pressure tabs. My son has thee kinds of tablets. From this knowledge of tablets for this condition and from experience as a carer in an old peoples home, giving meds to people at regular intervals during a day, I would say there is a danger in taking these meds. One used to reduce fluids in the body, induces or can induce weight loss, but the others lower your blood pressure which is potentially dangerous to health, as low blood pressure can be unhealthy as a high bp can. You need to keep these meds locked away, and really find out why this teenager is using them, before the situation is that this person is critically ill having taken them.

twhumphr 19 Feb 2010

At a previous pharmacy I worked at we had a patient that was going through 30 day supplys of Clonidine 0.3mg in less than 10 days. After doing some investigating, apparently at extremely high doses this drug has a euphoric effect. Not sure exactly what the pill is, and I have never heard of any other HBP medications being abused. free discount card

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