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Why would a oral surgeon prescribe oxycodone for a 15 yr. old who had her wisdom teeth extracted ?

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LaurieShay 20 Aug 2011

Hey stonemanrob,

Oxycodone in the form of say Percocet is a common prescription for pain relief from something like wisdom teeth extraction even for a 15 yr old. If she is in much pain then she may need the pain relief. You can always start with half a pill and see if that offers enough pain relief, if not then take the other half. As long as you follow the directions, all will be fine. She won't need the oxycodone for more than a few days. She may find that it upsets her tummy a bit so take with a little soft food that won't hurt her gums. Ice packs placed on the jaws helps alot too.

Best wishes,


caringsonbj 20 Aug 2011

at the time I had them removed I was placed on a similar medication I was not seeing a pain management doctor at the time instead it things being as strict (especially if you are a chronic pain patient) which she evidentally isn't I was hospitalized overnight due to other problems but once I came home they even suggested cold bags of vegetables taken from the freezer which I used an alternated with ice. as Laurie said if she has any issues with her stomach and the pain medication it's best if she can put something soft on her stomach, I even bought jars of baby food and microwaved those so I could have something in me. I do hope all goes well and that she soon feels much improved.

DzooBaby 23 Aug 2011

Oxycodone is not unreasonable for a 15 y/o who likely had their wisdom teeth cut out since they are usually not all the way in by that age. Having your wisdom teeth extracted is VERY painful, especially if they are cut out!!! The child will not need the medication more than a week, most likely, and taking a medication for that little a time is not enough to get someone addicted!! Pain medications do have a place in medicine and this is certainly one of those instances. Oxycodone has kind of gotten a bad rap-that everyone who takes it automatically gets a horrible addiction and needs rehab but this is not true at all! Oxycodone is appropriate for this kind of pain. You would not want your child to suffer needlessly, would you? Wisdom teeth extraction is a form of surgery and most people would understand receiving pain medication after surgery. I doubt that the oral surgeon gave her more than a week or so worth of pills. Give them to her if she needs them. free discount card

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