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Why would a five year old be given strattera and seroquel and become a zombie?

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Psyched 10 Jan 2011

Probably because Seroquel isn't usually given to children that small. I'd address my concerns with his/her doctor. Seroquel is a pretty powerful anti-psychotic. Hope this helps.

Cathleen186 12 Jan 2011

I agree with Psyched. I was given Seroquel for depression and it knocked me off my feet. hated it, went off it immediately. I can't imagine giving it to a child.

stopdruggingkids 16 Jan 2011

I don't think any young child should be taking these drugs because they can cause brain damage and a host of awful side effects. Your poor son must be so scared and confused and probably just wants to be treated like a normal five year old. Myself and many others want to see psychotropic drugs banned for use in children. Stop psychoanalysing little kids and let them have a happy childhood. Its the doctors who prescribe this poison to kids who need psychiatric help!

Inactive 17 Jan 2012

Hello cardoctor. I am really taken aback in regards to Seroquel being prescribed to a five year old infant. Seroquel I believe is begun about, around the age of 12 and onwards. I'd have the child reevaluted by another physician. Best of wishes,pledge free discount card

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