When I was on Ms Contin 60mg am 30 mid day 60 bed + 6 -10/325 perocet break thru pain this worked great and was stable knew where I was and could function had a little pain but no complaints. I was sent to verify the meds to a pain dr prior yr to see if they were ok and they were. Then a pain center opened in the bldg & he sent me there not saying anything about meds this dr changed me to methadone and the straight oxycodone that I didn't want at all and told him several times but you can't say no to the dr they throw you out of the practice this stuff sent my 82 lb body into a whirlwind slept 24/7, couldn't eat because everything would come up and had no appetite, didn't know what I was doing wake up with arms moving or some other weird thing now I'm 76 lbs right now. When I called this dr because my heart was pounding and my left arm felt weird he said I hadn't taken it long enough told him I was stopping this junk, so he changed me back but to a lower dose of the Ms & Perc's that didn't work so he returned it almost back to what I was taking. Well it's been a month in the house not moving still unable to do much because I feel like I'm going to have a heartattack and in so much pain the MS isn't working right makes my heart feel weird never has in the past. Was hooked up to heart monitor claim it's not from taking the methadone blood work claims no methadone in my system after 2 days what I am told. I feel I'm not getting correct answers from the pcp and would like to know if anyone out there has experienced any of this type of stuff. I have 2 DDDisks a tear, a bulge, a nerve that's only slightly impinging on the nerve yet I cannot use my legs for hours again in the morning all the symptons that finally went away all came back. Thinking of stopping all meds to gain weight back don't know how to cope with the pain that dr say no but look what I've gone thru listening. This pain dr won't put me back on what was working don't know what else to do I have nerve damage L5 and S1 the sciatic really kills and nothing relieves that except voltran but I've been afraid to take a lot of my meds. I've read all 22 reviews on ms contin and there all true but these drs just want to keep playing with my life every so many years the last time I landed in the hospital from oxicotian another one that I didn't want to touch. Is this to high of a dose for me when I could function it doesn't seem so by what I have read. Any help would be appreciated Thanks for any input