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Why would a 84 year old Dementia patient have Risperidone prescribed to him for agitation?

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Marvell 13 Oct 2011

Unfortunately, only the doctor who prescribed it can give you the reason why it was prescribed. It is used as "Off lable" for agitation and perhaps the doctor knows of benefits of using it in dementia patients. Best to discuss this with the doctor.

march80 13 Oct 2011

There is only one problem this is not approved by the FDA. Because it causes death with elderly dementia patients.

oceanluvr 14 Oct 2011

Yes it does cause death in elderly patients.

raindropgirl1 8 May 2015

My mom could not take haldol or adivan not because she was allergic to it but she had a bad reaction so bad that she died because of the staff overdosing her with haldol and adivan and resprperidone etc the staff knew she could not have these drugs yet she was still forced to take them against her will.Haldol is not approved for elder use. She also had a dnr which made it very easy for them to get away with this. No one should have a( do not resuscitate) on their record. It is very deadly. free discount card

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