Recently, I have hurt my shoulder some how and am going thru physical therapy. My doc gave me a script for Lortab 5 4 times a day which is 60 and is a 15 day supply. I got my Lortab 5 filled on 10/12 so I can fill it again on 10/26. I got my last 7.5 Norco filled on 09/23 and should be able to fill it on 10/23 but my pharmacy is saying that since i got the lortab 5 filled i can't get the norco filled until the 27th of october. Since this is two different scripts and two different doses shouldn't i still be able to get my norco filled on the 23 since it has been 30 days since the last refill and get the lortab 5 filled on 10/26 since it will be 15 days since the last refill?