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Why was my mother prescribed Mylan 211 for constand side pain?

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christineATU 21 Jul 2010

I looked up this medication under the pill identifier as I couldn't find a medication with that name. If it is this medication, I found a review of this med someone posted. It's normally used as an anti depressant but apparently it works for pain too.

"amitriptyline/ chlordiazepoxide for Depression: This is the first medicine that I have used that helps my fibromyalgia pain and sleep issues"
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Should you have concerns please contact her doctor and find out some more details.

Best wishes for you and your mom,

angelapelle 21 Jul 2010

Thank you so much Chris. She is on Ambien for sleep, but has been having pain for which pain killers have not helped, so her doctor prescribed Mylan211 today. So it is not unusal for antidepressants to be prescribed for pain?

christineATU 21 Jul 2010

Not unusual. Lyrica I believe is another one they use. Give it some time to work. I hope she feels better soon!

htwooh 21 Jul 2010

Is it a capsule or green tablet? The capsule is Mylan 5211 and is used for ulcers and some esophagus problems and other problemsd in the area your mother is having the pain. It is not a narcotic but is for the care of those problems. Ask your Dr. if we are not correct - is there any information on the sheet that comes with the medicine. That is usually helpful. Good luck

angelapelle 21 Jul 2010

Thank you all for your help free discount card

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