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Why vaginal secretion is more?

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Rajive Goel 18 Jan 2012

Could depend upon one individual to another & perhaps many other factors..

DzooBaby 18 Jan 2012

Are the secretions just heavier or do they cause itching, burning or have a fishy or foul odor to them? The vagina is a moist organ and will secrete heavier at times. Most women secrete more as they ovulate. The color and texture of the secretions can change throughout the month, when ovulating they become a little more viscous like egg whites and other times of the month they may be a cloudy white. If the secretions are thin and watery gray or yellowish or greenish or white, thick and cottage cheese-like, itch, burn or smell bad then you may be having an infection of some kind and should see your Dr to determine if it is bacterial or fungal in origin and get the proper medication. If you have none of these symptoms you may just be ovulating or just secreting heavier. If it troubles you then you should see your Dr to be reassured. free discount card

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