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Why should you not take expired medications?

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Inactive 12 Apr 2011

Hi i am jan i am new i dont know the whole answer to your question but my pharmacist once told me that they get weaker not only that but they break down in a way that there is too much of this and not enough of that and u can get sick getting too much of something in the med and not enough of something else.
from my experience i noticed a few times when i have taken an old pill it didnt have the potency in it anymore which i mean was really really weak but i suggest for safety and health wise to throw out anythig u have old or call pharmacy and ask them! wish i could help more

DzooBaby 12 Apr 2011

Medications past their expiration date can become less effectie as time goes on. Some can change properties and can become poisonous with time and could make you very sick. free discount card

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