This message is for patty and anyone else who is interested in knowing how I was able to kick Methadone 6 yrs ago and suboxone recently,completely cold turkey!!! As I stated in the forum a few days ago. Patty to be right flat honest with you,you asked the question should I have just quit the lortab 10's without getting on the suboxone.My answer is yes,cuz 6 yrs ago when i quit methadone I did it cold turkey,it wasnt fun but 2 wks later I was able to sleep through the night, I'm on day 15 of suboxone withdrawal and I can't sleep very well,but alllthe foggyness is gone from my mind and body. I have energy at work and I am now tired when I get home from work,which is normal.I used to be able to go hours working and then go home and do more work on limited sleep,because of the effect of suboxone.Ok here is how I did it : 1). The Good Lord!!! 2).I got a game plan going several weeks ahead... 3). I ate healthy foods,drank lots of water and gatorade (electrolytes). My diet consisted of potassium(bannanas) Protein (baked fish,peanut butter etc.).Once my body was pretty much cleaned out of the suboxone I started a vitamin program Vit c and fish oil in the morning and at night. after I eat lunch I take a B-12 vitamin stress complex. tyhen at night I have not started this yet due to the effexor I take,take a 3mg tablet of melatonin. I am going to try that soon,but im still waiting.I also stayed away from alot of sodium, sodium can cause restless leg,which I think is almost unbearable.By the way melatonin is produced by your body for relaxation. Melatonin is sold at Walmart or any other place vitamins are sold.The main thing that has kept me going is prayer,daily time with God In my Bible and just thinking positive.Training your mind to be positive is a key... I will post after I have taken Melatonin at night and share my results.Good luck to all and all are in my prayers.May GOD BLESS U ALL!!!