I am a retired 65 year old with 4 years military and 12 years total government service. In March of 1987 I had the above mentioned surgery. Within one year I was a total basket case and was put on permanent disability. From being one of the top Agents in my field, I became useless in protecting our countries interests. Since then I have had over the last 23 years approximately 10 epidural blocks which provided some relief for a month or so. Up until about 2 years ago I was taking about 1200 mg of motrin to sleep and 325mg of aspirin as a blood thinner. 2 years ago, I finally met a Doctor who listened to me about my symptoms and who saw me when I had a flare up from sciatica. Since then I have been taking no more then 2 4.5 /325mg tablets of Oxycodone as well as 75 mg of Lyrica and 60 mg of Cymbalta daily. Although I have cronic fatigue, my pain has been reduced from an 7-8 level to a 4-5 which is easily manageable. Although I can not walk for more than a few blocks at a time without feeling pain, my life is not hell. How will Nucynta help me relative to my fatigue and ability to walk long distances?