Ok I have been abusing Tramadol 50mg pills for going on 2 years now. Before that it was hydrocodone. Tramadol is by far the hardest to kick. I stopped taking everything when I was pregnant with my son. And yes and I was tired and didn't want to do anything but some of that was due to being pregnant. So when I had my son who is now 17 months old I had a c section and with every c section there is painmeds of course that follow. Lortab 7.5 so that just started the cycle all over. I finished my scripts of Lortab and Im sure I bought more along the way. But then I just totally switched to Tramadol. Of course I never started out with a script of Tramadol, I bought them illegally. I have since had many scripts for tramadol, because the doctors like it when you tell them you dont want Hydrocodone you would like something thats a little less potent. LOL They hand out Tramadol like candy in the emergency room. I was a drug seaker. We have multiple hospitals here and I live right on the line of Oklahoma missouri and Kansas. So I had multiple places to rotate too. About two months ago I couldn't find any tramadol so I just decided it was time to quit. I was sooo not prepared for agonizing days that followed. I ended up leaving my husband and kids and going to stay with my mom. I had to tell my mom who's a nurse what had happened. She wasn't mad but she offered her help. I got through the DT's at her house and with her help. I stayed sober for probably a month if that. Then I decided I could take one pill it wont kill me. That started everything all over again, and that's where I am at today. I have not beeen able to find any Tramadol since sunday. I am on day two on the detox process I am not going to get anymore. Day three last time was the worst, I am hopeing I can get through it this time without going to my moms. I dont want my mom to know what a failure I was. You know, I am not sure this is even a question but it's like Why me? I never ever thought I had an addictive personality. My husband is a drug user and I lived with him 8 years before I ever thought of picking up a pill. He does not abuse prescription drugs let me add that. He is a pot smoker, and occasionally some meth about once a year, if that. I just do not know how I got to this point in my life where I became dependant on something to make me happy. I was just fine when I got through the DT's last time, I have no idea why I decided to look back. But I did so here I go again.