I know some of you have prob answered my questions and concerns before,a lot of you are new,and are just gettin into this website,and how it all works..I was never one to look down or against this stuff,but now i feel i have a huge problem... You can kinda look up my info and get my full story,but to end this kinda soon,and get straight to the point,i had no choice,or so i thought at the time anywayss,to get on methadone... now all I ever here or ever read about,is how bad this stuff truely is going to be,has been for me all together..So i gues to the question,why methadone then?? I did as much research as i possibly could before i started,and again at the time i thought i was making the right decision,now everyone has kind of turned things around maybe,or are flat out completly and totally against methadone..thats what id really like to know then i guess,im sry for any confusion, why is methadone going to turn out to be a bad idea,or one iv already made,and im going to regret it sooner or later?? as it stands here and now though, i feel that i have found my miracle drug,bc it helps like nothing else ever has before... I as well am starting to have a lot of fear to get off the stuff,simply bc i no whats always available and at the ready on the streets,or even better yet,in the doc office... I am not looking for a fast response from any or everyone,so please when and if u would get around to reading my post,please give or insights or thoughts if you so choose..I am completly open to any and of course all suggestions out there that you would like to give out here... I as well grealty appreciate your time that u have given to write anything u choose..I recently moved,so i currently dnt have the easy access I once had to the internet.I just have to go to a friends and jump on for now,i hope to get it soon tho in my new place,i miss it so very much,lol... sry to take up anyones time,but again,im open to all of anyones thoughts,whenever you would get around to etc etc,im in no hurry what so ever,or in any way shape or form!! thanks again... JoSePh--B