In the 1950's a drug called milltown was developed as a tranquiler and anxiolitic. Its abuse potential was soon discovered and safer drugs called benodiazapines came along. After the 70's the drug was rarely precribed, but still is made and is a Schedule IV controlled subtance. Years later a drug company altered Miltown slighly and marked it as a muscle relaxer. Get this Miltown once in the body is converted to carisoprodol (soma). They both have the same abuse potential and and very dangerous in overdose situations. Soma is also sold on the streets and is available from internet overseas farmacies. My wife has had a horrible soma addiction for almost 5 years now, she goes on 2 to 4 day binges about every week or two. She acts drunk and biligerant at times, slures her speach, if she can even talk at all and sleeps for hours at a time, just 4 or those thing will give you a rush that feels like energy, then you can hardly talk, then they were off quickly and you want more, its a horrible substance and should go the way of Miltown.