Hi All! as you may or may not recall I jumped off at 1mg of sub on 9/11 then had oral surgery and had to use pain med(lortab 12ct over a period of about a week.) I decided after 6 yrs of sub I am OK to get off of it and not relapse. I did NOT abuse the lortab but only took it for the surgicall pain. So last dose of sub 9/11... last lortab was 9/18. I was thinkin I am clean since 9.11 but am I really only clean from the last lortab I took?? Today is either day 17 0r only day10??? I had a really good day a couple days ago but today was HORRIBLE! My boss(who is an Internist) asked me what was wrong with me? (In a concerned way, of course) Was I foolin mysel thinking I was over the hump??? anyone?
thanks in advance for your time