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Why is there a shortage of Methylin ER and Concerta medications for ADD and ADHD?

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bipolar4life 12 Apr 2011

Hi i am jan i am new. u are scaring me i havent heard of any shortage and havent had a problem picking up my sons medicine at all. I live in New Jersey. I hope that doesnt happen here he will be lost without it during school he doesnt take it during the summer but if your question is if i heard of it it is no but if u want i can call my pharmacy and question them about it just let me know? I have ADHD combined type and am on dexedrine spansule they dont really prescribe that one alot anymore it is a major stimulamt i dont like it very much since it is so strong but it is the only one that works for me have a good day lol sis janymak

momofmj 12 Apr 2011

Hi, Shari mom of a 10 year old boy. I just went to the pharmacy to drop of my sons Concerta 36mg ER and found out they only have 4 pills and don't know when they will be getting more in. The girls behind the counter told me they have a shortage of Concerta. I fortunately, have a 30 day supply of 27mg that he was changed to 2 months ago and was then put back on 36. So he will take 27mg till I get the 36mg filled. He also takes Intuniv 1mg both work great for him.

klonna 13 Apr 2011

Hi Jan, My name is Lonna. I live in Iowa (the midwest). We currently have a shortage of Methylin's - regular or ER (extended release). My sons doc just changed him to Concerta cause the pharmacies have been told they can NOT get anymore from the manufacturer until May but don't know why. I understand there is an ingredient that goes with it to make the Methylin that they can not get. "IF" that is the case, why haven't they notified the pharmacies and doctors about it? Something smells fishy to me.

cjsgran 20 Apr 2011

I'm having the same problem. I'm going to check around & if I get any info, I'll let you know. Last month's prescription & this month's prescription are sitting in my purse & I am running out of the pills in my inventory. I take it to offset the somnolence that morphine gives me. I tend to fall aleep at my desk! I have constant chronic pain in my back & I'm on 90 mgs of morphine every day. The methylin keeps me from doing the "junkie nod". I don;t know if I can work without this!

t'smom 15 May 2011

My aunt told me 2 months ago, that there would more than likely become a shortage. The reason for the shortage is, due to concerta going generic. all of our pharmacies are now out, and generic is slowly hitting the shelves.

hihowareya 14 Jul 2011

Make no mistake--the drug companies are not talking free discount card

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