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Why is there a generic name but not a generic pill fo Celebrex?

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oneinamillion92 23 Jan 2012

There is a generic name for celbrex which is its chemical name but it is not avalable as celbrex is still under FDA pattent. When a drug company puts a new drug on the market the FDA give them 17 years of market monopoly to recoop their cost of research. This give drug companies an incentive to research and find new better medication.

Rajive Goel 24 Jan 2012

The first patent for Celebrex expires in May 2014. It was initially expected to expire in 2013, but Pfizer was granted an extension to perform much-needed studies in children. May 2014 is now the earliest predictable date that a generic version of Celebrex could become available. However, other circumstances could extend or shorten this period, such as lawsuits or other patents for specific uses.

Once the patent expires, several companies may begin manufacturing a generic Celebrex drug.

FloridaDad 8 Aug 2012

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