So look,everyone who lives here in the United States knows for a FACT.That Obama is just not doing enough for people that truly have "MENTAL ILLNESSES" and or have "EXTREME" mental mood disorders as well.So I just wanted to share some of my thoughts and concerns about people in general.Who suffer from REAL life-affecting mental illnesses that distract them from their day-2-day lifes and absolutely can not control themself's due to their consistant impluses triggered by their brain and still many "undisovered nuerotransmitters".That have yet to be found in the (Brain ANATOMY) for advancement in "Mental Health Science Research".I think that if this profession was to improve on these kind of drugs meaning anti-deppresants,anti-phycotics and other medication treatment alternatives.That it would not only help in finding better treatment options for people with mental illnesses but find new breakthrough medication in order to help control those with very hard to control kind of symptoms as i mentioned earlier and maybe even somewhat to a certain point a half-way cure to some people's mental illness disorder's depending on the intensity of the disorder.Look there was a guy on the TODAY show this morning talking about how.He has came up with a medication that doesn't cure cancer but can DRAMATICALLY increase the life expectancy of somebody that has cancer and isn't expected to survive.My thoughts about this is if.These so called "scientist" are coming up with these kind of medications that are truly remarkable and groundbreaking in terms of political and mental health research science.Why can't they be testing out new anti-phycotics and testing out new drugs for schizophrenia??It just truly makes me wonder sometimes and especially being that i have a mental disorder myself.After the arizona tuscon shootings it just showed me that people who are truly mentally ill really in all honesty just aren't getting enough help in this country.I also partically blame alot of it on the mental health care system in my own personal opinion because they are always saying to me.That they never have enough help or they are always QUOTE "UNDERFUNDED" and that PHSYCOLOGY is not a very POPULAR SUBJECT??This morning as I was reading my sunday newspaper.I read something in the FRONT HEADLINES(First Page)about the Political Rhetoric of the country and about how the GUN Laws are still not working well enough in protecting our mentally ill population from getting guns and using them.Please i just want to know why obama is ignoring this but not the economy??In all honesty if mentally ill people are getting on the loose like jared loughner.Then why hasn't the so called MENTAL HEALTH FEILD picked up on this and had a DEBATE YET??I see a therapist and i used to see a phychiatrist before she pissed me off because she would never listen to my side of the story enough and i finally told hurn that i am suppose to see you for 30 minute sessions and you always cut them down to 15 minutes.I am not paying you for 15 minutes.I am paying you for thirty and i expect you to listen to me and she just went off.Turns out that there is only 1 phychiatrist within the whole building that treats everyone according to what my therapist said.Doesn't that sound insane??1 doctor giving out all the medications to every patient they see their.It sounds to me that they are so poor that they only have 1 SHRINK in the whole building.There really needs to be some serious discussion regarding the ignorance of mentally ill people.