I have noticed a difference in the strength and longevity. They do NOT work as well as the OC. The first dose of the day is when I need pain relief more and the OC would work quicker and give immediate relief for several hours but I cannot get the same relief from the new OP. I actually cannot feel the OP working on a continuous basis. It seems that OP's do not release an adequate steady amount or quickly enough on a continual basis. Ther are times when I cannot notice any difference at all after taking the OP but with the OC, I could always notice I had taken one and the OC would last longer. I am definitely going to request the Roxicet 30mg because they do work. They are not time release but you can take one every six hours and at least manage the pain. With the new OP, I have to take the 10mg Percocet for breakthrough pain more often during the day. The new OP are NOT sufficient to replace the old OC formula.

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