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Why is the generic wellbutrin not as good as the name brand? Is there really a difference ?

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jk13 24 Oct 2011

As far as I know, the only real difference between generic vs. not generic meds as an overall would possibly be the binding material. If one allows for the medication to be absorbed more rapidly into the system vs. another, that's where the difference would lye. So... obviously one is released in a manor that works better for you. What you might want to try is another generic manufacturer (that is if there is one) by calling a different pharmacy and asking. You might also be able to make a request at your current pharmacy for a different generic brand to be ordered.

An example of how different the binding materials really can be is illustrated by my pain meds, methadone (for chronic pain). I used to take tablets that were rectangular in shape. One day Walgreens switched to a brand that produces the same med in tablets that are circular. The rectangular ones really do seem to work a tiny bit better, but nothing really worth complaining about. The difference between the two turns out is that the circular ones use a binding material that can't be injected (not something that had ever crossed my mind), where as apparently the rectangular ones you could.

So, good luck and hope that this is of some help!
Jeff K

Inactive 24 Oct 2011

Hi pasta101. Well it depends who you talk to. It really varies. There are several members of the site who have taken bupropion as well as the generic, wellbutrin and have found the difference to be minimal. Its sounds to easy an answer perhaps but often thats the case. There was a question asked several months ago, believe it was regarding wellbutrin, asking the same question as yours. Theres the formula, the FDA guidelines that a generic must be within I believe 70 or 75% of the non generic drug. If its a cost factor, often people go to the generic. But generic vs non;generic does not meanm that one is better than another. I've been on medications over the years whare I've taken both, and seen no difference. The manufactuer of the non-generic will have you believe that thiers is superior because of the massive costs, to create, and market the original, drug, which the generic company never had to to you. free discount card

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