My mother is a emphazeima patient. 3 years ago while trying to get her to the doctors she stop breathing. I had to breath air into her mouth (only two puffs.) She came to in time for the ambulance to take her to the hospital. She stayed on a ventalator for about a week and total in the hospital for about 3 weeks. During this time she seem to talk a lot and very delusional. The nurses told me that the reason was in part of the medication and it would get better in time along with her being in natural surroundings. So during her first week home it finally started to wear off and she was mentally back to her usual self.

This past Saturday she went into Respatory arrest and this time my brother and I had to do complete CPR. on her for almost 10 mins till ambulance got here. They spent 15 additional minutes stablizering her in the back of the ambulance in my back yard before they rushed her to the hospital.When she got there they put on a ventalator again. After that she seemed very resposive at times.Because of that, the Dr. did not think she suffered brain damage. So here is the thing; She was already off the ventalator by Wednesday which was only almost 4 days this time compared to the last; and placed in her own room the next day which she is still in now. Her recovery seemed much faster. Again the delusions started. I figured it would play out like the last time. However, instead of it getting better each day, it's getting worse!. Tonight it appears to be like denimtia because she is talking non stop due to the steriods i'm sure but it is all rubbish and she has starting talking out loud with no one in the room. I gathered from the last time the longer someone is on life support the longer the will be like this; but this time it seems to be happening the other way around! It doesn't make sense. Is there an explanation for this?