I got out of detox over two weeks ago, and my last dose of 5 mg methadone was on the 23rd of October. Because I was in detox, I was on a 4 day taper program and I am upset because I cannot get into full outpatient until I pee a clean test. It is now November 9th and I still have methadone showing up in my urine. I havent taken anything other than klonopin since ive been home and that is no longer showing up in my urine but the methadone is. I was on oxycontin, methadone and suboxone for about five years and before I went to detox I was taking methadone. I am a big guy, 5'11 225lbs. so they say that is why it might still be in my system. I am still feeling crappy and cant sleep, but each day is a bit easier. Good luck, if anyone else has this issue please let me know. I feel like a freak b/c the Drs. at the outpatient I go to do not know why the methadone is still showing up. Ive been clean and really good but having that poison garbage methadone still in my system makes me angry. Good luck to all.