Hello Friends... I consolted the new dr office and they do urine tests
each month that you go. I have no prob with that as I understand why
drs have to do that. As I have said in my past posts I use to be on 120 mg of methadone a day down to 20 mg a day and the urine test was neg for any
opiates. I was honest and told them I cannot take the percocet cuz it raises my sgot liver levels that is why I was put on oxycodone in the past so there is no
aceminiphin as too much is bad., Well I did a little research on the methadone,
I use to be on 120mg down to 20mg thats quite a decrease. What I found out is that I am on a low dose and it is not absorbing in my urine but is in the liver etc. I am taking the 20 mng a day and if you get 2 negs in a row than u r dumped . I dont get it these days. Its so sad that pain I patients have to be treated like drug addicts and not pain patients. Its a few of the ones who are dishonest that hurt the ones who are legitimately in pain. Im so upset about this. I did read that a pain doctor should know this about methadone. Im so upset. Any advise will help. God Bless