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Why is it that I'm positive for benzodiazephines and only meds I have taken are zoloft?

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8 Jan 2010

I have found quite a few people fall into this trap, where when they are on other medicines it shows up as benzodiazepines in urine test. Please try the forum, someone may be able to help.


12 May 2012

Hello shai88. Marvell is correct. I know this question is an old one, I did my best to come up with a sound logical answer, and not being a chemist, but do know the CNS families of drugs and I haven't a clue. Logic says no but yet postive tested for a benzodiazepine. Might be a substance that is used to create Zoloft/Sertraline is also used to make the benzodiazepines. Regards, pledge

13 May 2012

Hello shai88! This occurance is not unknown by the medical society. Sometimes an unexpectable chemical reaction can take place and it is possible for another drug to show up in the results of the test. This happened to me. My doctor met with me following a scheduled urine test I completed which is part of my drug/medication follow up. I have been taking Morphine Sulfate for years now. As required by the state, the doctors need to give random drug tests to assure that the patient is taking the correct medication and dosage. I t is also used to assess whether a patient is using other substances that are not prescribed for them. Well, my doctor asked me if I was taking Tramodol with my Morphine Sulfate. I was confused to why my doctor was asking me this question. I told him that I am not taking any other controlled substance or any other pain meds, only what he prescribes for me. Well, he called the lab at the hospital and spoke with a lab specialist.

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