I am on Kadian 50mg sustained release three times a day along with Percocet 7.5/325 for breakthrough pain four times a day. I take Valium 10 mg. twice daily as needed for muscle spasms as a result of muscle spams so severe from my fibromyalgia. I have never gotten a "high" others speak of.I am wondering why this is??? I never get a "high". Is it just my system? My husband thinks it is because I have "true" pain the pain killer does just that kills the pain. And since I have chronic pain my body reacts to the narcotic in different way. I don't drink, except maybe on a special occasion I will have a small glass of wine and that's my limit.
Now I will share something I rarely share with anybody; at 14, I went to a party with some girls whom I thought were friends two hours into the party i began feeling ill and a friend said I could lie down in her room. it was much later when I found outI was given some illicit drug "they all planned this in advance and I was gang raped! I stayed away from these "girls" I trusted as friends stayed away from street drugs and people who used drugs, or drank etc// OK. I was a major nerd to say the least! Until I met and married a marinewho was 19, at the tender age of sixteen I got permission by a mom whom couldn't care less and glad to rid of me' OK;I got my GED; Physicians License.tired of that, got my cosmetologist license;esthetician/ manicurist license and Heath service coordinator diploma and a whole host of other certificates to keep my self busy. I'm not bragging just saying that when you put your mind to something you can do it; happily I am still with the same wonderful and loving man; 'stay away from drugs; sorry for the rambling, Now together with my Marine 41 years later and more in love each dayl
I just felt the need t share! I HOPE THIS WILL HELP AT LEAST ONE PERSON;;;;Just be happy and stay of ilicit drugs HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL THE DADDIES OUT THERE TOO!!! (((((hugs)))))) Gwendolene/midwestma