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Why is it so hard to trust doctors?

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robert trivet 8 May 2010

i think there is more then one answer so ill tell you what i think, for one thing they are taking educated guesses and another thing is i dont think we in general dont trust people.

nikicole1986 8 May 2010

very good answer thank you

NightAngelSky 8 May 2010

Your most welcome anytime.

NightAngelSky 8 May 2010

nikicole 1986, I've been going through this for 40 years. Doctors that I have dealt with think they know my mind, and body better than I do. It makes me furious knowing I have to set there and listen to them; when i know for a fact how my body is feeling at that very moment. Find a Doctor you can trust, keep looking until you find one you can connect with. I did. Hope this help you out. You can write to me privately at aol anytime you need to. NightAngelSky.

Rayanne 8 May 2010

Trust is a huge word! I think it is so hard because trust needs to be earned. If you have had doctors in the past that you just could not trust,to walk in a have trust in a doctor is the hardest thing! Please do not let this affect your health though. Do background checks, be honest tell him/her all your concerns. I did not have any trust dentist I screwed up and failed to go(no trust) now I am in the middle of doing 4 bone graphs and having my whole jaw reconstructed! I walked in crying and this doctor is saving me! Please there are doctors out there that do care first step is to find ONE that you can be honest. Some doctors office is like a cattle call... so sad this is a human life that is so precious! You will find one I can tell you that, put your fears aside,sometimes that is what keeps you from trusting! Good luck and keep strong!!

nikicole1986 9 May 2010

thanks good answers very helpful hugs everyone

christineATU 9 May 2010

So many people who have lost their insurance, jobs, health care, have no choice but to select a doctor that the "system" says you have to take. For me, after working hard for over 2 decades, paying into the "system", find myself at the mercy OF the system. I am fortunate in one respect, before I shattered my spine, I had good health insurance. My surgeon I was seeing for a different issue, took me under his wing and continues to see me free of charge. He even got the hospital to forgive my bill! I trust him. Since my medicaid is under appeal right now, I dread the day that I have to pick one of the "systems" doctors. Maybe I'll get lucky. There has GOT to be doctors who care. If I don't believe that, I'm doomed.

RemSupreme 11 May 2010

Its hard to trust a doctor because sometimes you dont know if he has your best interrests at heart,or if he is going to perscribe a medication because if he writes so many he will get to go to a drug conference(vacation) somewhere beautiful.Like my doctor he perscribes me 3 controlled IV substances and when I ask him for one I feel I really need he says no to addictive.SO the other 3 controlled IV drugs arent that addictive but this controlled Iv one is,then it would be a controlled III or a controlled II substance wouldnt it.Right there i tried telling him that but he was as stubborn as a mule and wouldnt budge.Thats one reason.

Sideffects2 14 Aug 2010

Some Drs. just think they are G-d, have weak egos and don't respond to people very well. They hide behind their books, computers and dislike any questions when they know there isn't a definitive answer in Psychiatry. It's unfortunate that the stakes are so high for the patients. Just read a medicine label and see. Maybe it's also hard for them to treat a patient with respect when they have thinking problems. So their inadequate answer is just keep taking the medicine, regardless of it's ramifications. free discount card

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