hi i have been on (3) 8mg sub. going on 3 years now... nevermind the war story as to how i came about needing it..point is i did. however it has ruined my life..worse than when i was "out there" using!!! so i take 24mg of suboxone daily just to be normal! i dont get high off them its like taking my vitamins..problem is/ do you all know that suboxone without med, insurance cost's $9 and some change per pill!! i have no med, ins..and was recently laid off! so i do ANYTHING and I MEAN ANYTHING to get the money for my 30 dollar a day habit! And my EX-fiance never was an addict.. and has left me bc of my sub use, he cant understand why i cant just stop! I would give ANYTHING TO BE OFF SUBOXONE... i tried tapering and am in the process right now..(down to 8mg a day... but i find that even at 8mg i am W/D!!! I have been called a junkie by my family bc i am STUCK on sub... i just need an answer from someone out there..CAN I DO THIS..WITHOUT TERRIBLE PAIN??? I am a veteran with this stuff..it has ruined my life,,so how do i get OFF??? I am an addict by nature as we all are..so the tapering is not doing well bc as soon as I feel a pain..or w/d symptoms, i pop another sub under the tounge... and i am normal again!! tried having ppl hold the stuff for me... DOESNT WORK!! I find someway to get my way..and get the pills back,,ahhhhh it is hopeless i feel... but i want to be off sososo badly!!! This i agree is great for opiate addicts to get off the dope... but only to be used for A VERY SHORT TIME!!! NOT 3 YEARS OFF THE JUNK!! I WANT TO KILL THE 3 DOCTORS THAT ALLOWED THIS TO GO ON THIS LONG... And I am a single mother of 2 beautiful kids..and i cannot afford to buy this ANYMORE!!! I am 30 years old... and i just want to be PILL FREE! for the first time in my life,for me and my kids..i am all they got in this world!!! OH.. i also take 20mg of KLONOPIN/DAILY along with the sub. so i am stuck on the 2 worst chemicals,,, benzos and opiates... and it all started because i wanted to help myself off street drugs and now look at me... lol... I NEED A MIRACLE! THIS #*^%#** IS no joke!!! Suboxone is like synthetic HEROIN..DONT KID YOURSELVES!!! To All..if you are not on it..do urself the favor and dont start it!! To those of us stuck on it... i feel all of your pain,and frustration.. i do!!! I just pray i will be able to get off without feeling like death! wish me luck..and good luck to all of you trying to get off! if anyone wants to know ANYTHING about sub..ask me... it has been my life for 3 years and has destroyed all my relationships as well.. so i certainly am a reliable source 4 questions about this horrible medication... one day at a time, right... Well,they say god doesn't give us more than we can handle..and i am not a very religious person... but think there is some truth in that..we just have to REALLY REALLY WANT IT!!!