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Why is it hard to crush OP 80's?

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Inactive 30 Aug 2010

Hi crespo, I am no expert, yet I'm pretty sure that you are NOT supposed to crush these pills.

christineATU 30 Aug 2010

I can't PM you on my phone. I did what you asked regarding that question. I can't stop laughing. As to this bonehead question, maybe the manufacterer is making it more difficult to misuse/abuse this highly addicting dangerous medication. Which is exactly what the question indicates. Enjoy while you can cause they are producing OC that when crushed renders the pill null and void. No wonder people in severe chronic pain have to jump through hoops to get decent pain control!

Inactive 30 Aug 2010

chris, you are my hero... you said it girl!

christineATU 30 Aug 2010

I only said what you wanted to but you are nicer about it. I have no respect for people who make it difficult for others to obtain this medication because of their misconception that higher is better.

Inactive 31 Aug 2010

Chris you are 100% right.-

booter46 31 Aug 2010

cant crush them into powder --- cant snort them

IhearttheOcean 31 Aug 2010

They are specifically made this way. People were crushing and snorting the OCs so the company changed them so that you cant do it anymore. The new ones that you cant, say OP on them.

christineATU 12 Sep 2010

Ya know something Ocean, none of us are angels. Just ask sweelemon. I'm not saying you, but many of us (me included) used/abused something at one time or another in our lives. Smoking weed in HS, under age drinking, whatever. Some of us went much farther than that. But as an adult, And more so since my accident, I realize abusing these types of meds only hurts your health and the people that love us. I think some members view me as being on a high horse, lecturing on the dangers of abusing these meds. I'm no angel believe me! But all I want is relief from this horrible pain. I really could care less about the buzz that comes with the territory. I just want people like this questioner to realize by abusing these meds for a buzz, hurts those who really need them for pain control.

IhearttheOcean 12 Sep 2010

Im confused, was that directed at me? As in towards something I said? Or did you say my name first because you were trying to have a conversation with me? free discount card

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