I have been on Quasense BIrth Contol for over a year now. My doctor recently perscribed me Co Q-10 vitamins, and pre-natal vitamins to make up for vitamins I was lacking in my diet. I have had my menstrual period for the last seven, almost eight weeks. Not spotting or anything, heavy bleeding with severe clotting. I will list my other medications below. The time while I was taking the other pill given to me (the one you take every three months while you are on your period) was when I had the lightest bleeding and actually no bleeding at all for a night or two. Just wondering why I am taking birthcontrol to have safer sex, when I can't even have sex. Thanks.
Lamotrigine 200mg daily
Vyvanse 40mg daily
Omeprazol 20mg daily
Citalopram 40mg daily
Co Q-10 200mg daily
Prenatal One daily (walgreen's brand- compare to "stuart pre-natal")
Quasense 0.15mg/ 0.03mg daily
Klonopin- 0.5mg as needed (no more than 1.mg daily)
If anyone can answer this question I would REALLY appreciate it. Thanks