I have a chronic problem with my eyes (conjuctiva inflamation, heavy,hot eyelids,burning, itching,sensation of foreign body etc) and used for last 5 years a lot of antibiotics in drops and oinments.A doctor I visited first time prescribed mr Doxycycline 100mg x 2 x 20 days and after that 100mg x 1 x 10 days. On the third day of taking 100 x 2 I felt absolutely healthy with my eyes and felt so during all the period of taking 100 x 2 x 20 days. When after that I changed the dose tp 100 x 1 - at once all bad symptoms were reverted.
In a week I tried again to take 100 x 2 with no effect. Who can explain it to me,why Doxycycline worked so short period?
Thank you,Alex