I have had unknown pain for about five months it started in my neck and went to my back and its a very bad burning constant pain and nothing seems to help it i have Percs 5mg and Oxys 10mg i have tried tylenol 3 also and did nothing I took 15mg perc and 1 oxy within a two hour peroid to help with the pain and i might as well of eaten skittles it had no effect whatso ever on me. My dr cannot figure out whats causing my pain so im fucking screwed im in agony almost all day long and cannot do anything i like to do its even hard to sit. Im going crazy as the pain never seems to go away very often and its always there. About 5 days ago i was stretching my legs because they were tight and i must of stretched them too far and now my calfs and hamstrings are in constant pain also and the pills dont even get rid of that. My legs cramp and burn and shake when i try to stand i cannot even stand still or it gets 10000% worse. Anyone have any idea whats wrong with me and what i can do? IM GOING CRAZY!