I have cancer and a lot of pain. I like Oxycodone IR but it don't last long enough or through the night so my doctor says use Oxycontin. The Oxycontin doesn't make me nauseas in general, but twice a day I get an extreme urge to vomit. I do, and the pill usually comes out too. I think my stomach can't tolerate the time release coating in the Oxycontin. The Oxycodone IR doesn't make me vomit like that so I know it must be the coating. Too bad because the pain relief is great. Other option is the Fentanyl patch which I hate. Any suggestions? Are there different brands of Oxycontin? Maybe a brand name with a better time release coating? I really wish I could tolerate the time release pill. I could also try Methadone or MS Contin but those might be too strong. Thanks!