I have been taking 20 mg of Nadolol (generic for Corgard) for 25 years. It is a blood pressure medication though I take it to slow my rapid pulse. In 2004, I got a bottle of Nadolol made by Apothecon and began having serious hives on my fingers, toes, the soles of my feet and my lips. A huge dose of Benadryl would clear it up. After a week or so my doctor switched me to name brand Corgard and no more problems. When that 30 days of name brand was gone, I went back to the Apothecon Nadolol (I couldn't believe that was really this problem). The hives returned with a vengeance. For years now I've used the Mylan generic Nadolol with no problems. I got my Rx refilled this week and it is a new manufacturer - Sandoz. I'm having the same problem with hives! Turns out Sandoz acquired the Apothecon generics business from Bristol Meyers in 2005.

What is it about these that gives me hives? Do they use a different inactive or binder ingredient? I talked to Apothecon in 2004 when this first happened and the nurse on the phone said that Bristol Myers made the name brand and their Apothecon subsidiary made the generic and they were identical in every way, including the inactive ingredient. The only difference was that the name brand, which I am *not* allergic to, had a blue dye in it.

I'm stumped. And worried that I may get more of whatever I'm allergic to in another medication someday and may have an even more serious reaction.

Chris I.
Clearwater, FL