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Why does some methadone come in different colours like orange and blue?

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LaurieShay 27 Sep 2011

Hey chamman,

Only aware of white and orange for methadone. The different formulas are different inactive ingredients which effect the color. Some are diskets and dispersibles others are not. To see the different types of methadone go to:

There are some three pages of the different type pills.

Hope this helps,


skins1970 28 Sep 2011

Over here in Australia there are only two that i am aware of. Brown and pink. The pink is sugarfree methadone. I know this probably doesnt help much the ony thing i can think of is different antibodies for different treatment? Im sure you will find out what you need with Laurie Shays link that was listed, if not.. stck around some other wise folk could answer your question n if you are new to the site, Welcome. Skins free discount card

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