just wondering why usa is coming down on those who smoke pot and those who smoke cigs ,but not those who drink!something isn't right here !oh yeah a lot of them drink!and more and likely use other drugs !

i mean i haven't heard of a pack of cigs killing a whole family on the roads !and pot grows naturally nothing needed to give you the calming and relaxing feeling!i'm not talking about using it to get high !as with any drug it can be missed used!it does help calm you and relax you and it helps cancer patients eat and calms their stomach!

and i believe pot could help those who suffer from chronic pain .they are a few states i think about 11 that you can use pot ,with a script from your doctor !

like i said i just opened a big can of worms!but i'm tired of those who smoke always getting a bad rap!if your smoke is bothering me then i can leave !but i don't know who is drunk in the car beside me ,to get off the road!and most smokers will not smoke if they know it bothers you !my family goes out side to smoke cause the know i can't breath around smoke!

oh well guess i have stuck my neck out enough today!

God bless you and the USA