just had 2 back surgeries on the 27&29th of dec.now i have a huge hernia or knot which way you look at it .i have went to the doctor and now i am on tylox (oxycodone)for this pain and i have narco's for chronic pain and soma's and ultrams and was given nirotons for nerve pain after surgey ! so why am i still hurting ?most people would be knocked off their feet by these meds but me i sleep a little then hurt like crazy waiting to be able to take somthing else for pain.the way i was told to take my meds was take the narco ,soma niroton at one time the a couple of hours later take oxy and ultrams .i'm doing this but still hurt !! this hernia hurts like crazy when i stand or when turning over in bed ! feels like i'm ripping on the inside of my stomach! i have has 8 hernia repairs surgeries when 16 hernia's being repaired ! i am now going to a surgeon who is doing a study on people who keep getting hernia's !
got a ct scan ahead of me then back to the doctor on the 20th !i'm afraid with the pain something is going to happen before they can do surgery!thanks for letting me sprout off !!but would love any advise given!