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Why does a dog eat their own stool ?

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Delila 2 Apr 2010

It's a behavioural problem, seek advice from behaviourist. Also you can try feeding the dog pineapple or iron supplements as this will make the stools taste bitter and will hopefully deter the dog from eating them. My dog used to do this

itsmetoo2 3 Apr 2010

Sometimes they are not eating food that has enough vitamins or ones that the dog needs. So they eat the poop to help them feel better. I am babysitting a dog and he does that. I sometimes think he does this just to be spiteful or wants to hid the evidence for pooping in the house. My dog does not do this.
If you find a solution please let us all know. Thx

christineATU 3 Apr 2010

Both answers are partially right. Once a dog begins to do this, and it isn't stopped by the owner right away, it turns in to a serious behavioral problem. Like a bad habit. The dog may also be lacking certain nutrients. Always use a high protein quality dog food. Bring your dog out on a leash, when he/she poops, then goes to smell it,pull the dog back, pick the poop up right away and say "no!" Use a baggie on your hand of course! Is this dog a female? Did she ever have a litter of pups? Are you in an area that has a lot of other dogs around? There are many reasons for this behavior. I currently own 5 female Jack Russell Terriers. I raised and bred dogs for over 25 years. Since my injury, I can not breed my bitches anymore. I had them spayed. There are other techniques you can try but I need more info. Please feel free to add me as a friend and perhaps I could help you better with this issue. Good luck to you!

subzero58 3 Apr 2010

hi christine,you never cease to amaze me. and i thought i knew lots of information on way to many things. you gotta love reading and finding out facts. keep them answer coming.

christineATU 3 Apr 2010

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